I’m Nat Burgess. I help entrepreneurs and investors around the world sell their companies, turning their innovation and hard work into hard dollars (Euros, Pesos, etc.). I also read, play music, practice yoga, kayak, ski and sail.

End of Year Message – Welcome to 2016

Jan 07th 2016

Greetings from the first month of what will be the biggest year ever in tech M&A. I’m late with my end of year email, which means I’ve had the benefit of updates from friends around the world. The mood in … Continue reading

Rediscovering photography, and recapturing a life, in a lost picture of Bill Gates and Paul Allen

Oct 26th 2014

Click through to Geekwire for an article that I published this morning, on a photo my father took of Bill Gates and Paul Allen.

Thrilled to be on PowerPitch today with Tyler Mathison

Jan 15th 2014

Check it out at 1:20 ET: http://yhoo.it/1aoo4CR. We will be talking with Carvana. Are you in? Or out?

Whenever I read that companies acquire startups primarily for “talent” – I think to myself wouldn’t it be cheaper to simply hire away tha…

Dec 05th 2013

Answer by Nat Burgess: In theory it is cheaper to hire people individually.  In practice, when the job market gets competitive as the economy improves (2000, 2007, 2013), large companies with specialized needs have no choice but to acquire teams … Continue reading

Drones vs Bras – battle of the headlines

Dec 05th 2013

This could be classified as a follow-up to my post on event analysis. Is the market efficient? Does the media raise awareness and knowledge among investors? Or is all the world but a stage, and the audience just players an … Continue reading

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